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Last Updated: 18th June 2024

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True luxury is

A Life Measured By
Privacy, Discretion, Minimalism & Authenticity

These are the intangible assets of a new luxury – one that’s few and far between in a cosmopolitan city clamouring with a societal need for flaunted prominence. A new luxury, sought by only the most astute.

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Away from the hustle and bustle, find a home of luxury and tranquility beyond measure. A boutique development of utmost discretion and respite in the private Jervois estate of District 10, between Tanglin and River Valley, embraced by the likes of Good Class Bungalows, historical black-and-white houses, and international embassies.

At Jervois Privé, arrive home to them all.

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Jervois Privé Developer
Jervois Privé is proudly developed by Midas Land Pte Ltd.

Midas Land is a premier residential real-estate developer based in Singapore. Committed to excellence, the company is focused on developing luxury properties with top-notch finishes and reputed appliances, transforming everyday living spaces into phenomenal residences.

Guided by a founding philosophy of personal impeccable standards, the company aims to be known for their signature eco-modern design, sleek, luxurious interior finishes, and expansive, spacious layouts.

Jervois Prive Singapore Showflat location map
Jervois Privé Location Map
Jervois Privé is well located on Jervois Road in Tanglin, Jervois Privé sits comfortably on the fringes of various prominent districts – including Orchard, River Valley, Dempsey Hills and Marina Bay.

There are two parts to Jervois Road – one end leads to Tanglin Mall and Orchard, the other to River Valley. On either side, a myriad of lifestyle offerings – from cafes and restaurants, to retail shops and art galleries await the sophisticated and well-heeled.

Discover Jervois Privé’s excellent connectivity.

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Kindly book an appointment here or give us a call at +65 6100 8717 before making your way down to view Jervois Privé ShowFlat as we may be closed at certain days/time.

Online registrants who’ve scheduled an appointment here will be able to receive Direct Developer Price and no commission is payable. Please be informed that units for sale at Jervois Privé are on first come first serve basis.

Jervois Prive Singapore is a remarkable property located in the peaceful Tanglin neighborhood of District 10. Surrounded by prestigious Good Class Bungalows and international embassies, it effortlessly merges history, serenity, and contemporary convenience.

Designed by the highly acclaimed architect Yip Yuen Hong from ipli Architects, Jervois Prive Singapore represents a modern take on the timeless Black and White bungalow, incorporating the sophistication and charm of the past while integrating tropical Brutalism for a one-of-a-kind architectural fusion of materials, surfaces, and functionality.

Situated on the edge of the city center, Jervois Prive Singapore offers an privileged and green oasis for sophisticated residents. It meets the needs of urbanites who enjoy the energy of city life but also long for a private sanctuary to unwind and relax.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, “Embrace a life filled with sunshine, the refreshing sea, and the untamed air,” encapsulating the essence of Jervois Prive Singapore.

Strategically situated on the periphery of multiple prominent districts including Orchard, River Valley, the Museum District, and Marina Bay Sands, Jervois Prive Singapore offers unparalleled connectivity. With the advantage of RedHill Mass Rapid Transit station just a short 10 min walk away, residents can effortlessly explore these vibrant areas via commuting or personal cars.

The district of Tanglin, adorned with embassies and the renowned Singapore Botanic Gardens, exudes a enchanting old-world appeal. Orchard, famous for its exceptional shopping scene, is surrounded by luxurious malls and innovative retail concepts. River Valley and the Singapore River present a prime residential area with picturesque waterways flowing through popular destinations like Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, Boat Quay, and Marina Bay.

The Marina Bay district serves as the financial hub of Singapore, housing prestigious financial institutions and the iconic Marina Bay Sands. The Museum District boasts an array of art and cultural institutions, along with cherished National Heritage Sites. In addition, nearby parks such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park offer serene green spaces for relaxation.

Jervois Prive Singapore’s generous and thoughtfully designed units provide a haven for busy city dwellers, offering a holistic retreat from the fast-paced urban lifestyle during the day, transforming into a tranquil sanctuary under the moonlight.

Discover a hidden sanctuary within an private enclave, reserved for those with discerning taste. Nestled just minutes away from Orchard Road, Jervois Prive Singapore offers unparalleled serenity while remaining readily close to the city’s renowned shopping district.

Situated in the esteemed District 10, this exceptional residence enjoys both privacy and distinction. Located on Jervois Road in Tanglin, Jervois Prive Singapore is surrounded by notable districts such as Orchard, River Valley, Dempsey Hills, and Marina Bay. On one end of Jervois Road lies Tanglin Mall and Orchard, while the other leads to River Valley, offering a plethora of lifestyle options for the sophisticated and affluent.

The neighborhood exudes a sense of safety and peace of mind, with a rich historical legacy and a noteworthy collection of embassies and Good Class Bungalows. Set amidst lush greenery, Jervois Prive Singapore is part of a outstanding conservation area, boasting the largest collection of prestigious black-and-white bungalows in the city.

This residential area in Tanglin is enveloped by vast expanses of greenery, with a beautiful boulevard lined with trees leading residents back to their exclusive residences on Jervois Road.

Jervois Prive Singapore offers a secure sanctuary for today’s urbanite, offering peace of mind on green and lush grounds. Situated in a secluded community, this residence achieves the ideal balance between city living and serene seclusion. Despite being enveloped in serenity, Jervois Prive Singapore is still conveniently connected to the heart of the city, allowing residents to embrace the vibrancy of metropolitan life.

Featuring the nearest Redhill MRT station only a 7-minute walk away and easy access to Tanglin, River Valley, and Great World City, a wealth of lifestyle amenities and everyday conveniences are easily accessible. Enjoy a 600-meter stroll to Redhill MRT, a 100-meter walk to the Park Connector, a 13-minute walk to Dempsey, a 13-minute walk to Valley Point, a 1.5-kilometer walk to the Botanic Gardens, a 6-minute drive to Orchard Road, and a 10-minute drive to the CBD.

In the vicinity of Jervois Prive Singapore, there are a variety of establishments and experiences dedicated to retail and recreation. Located on Dempsey Road houses a diverse range of brands under the COMME des GARÇONS umbrella, offering exclusive high-street fashion. Situated on Tanglin Road provides bespoke tailoring services with personalized fittings. Located at VOCO Orchard showcases contemporary fine art from renowned regional and global artists. Situated at ION Orchard is a homegrown label known for its classic modern wear.

When it comes to gourmet and gastronomy, the options are abundant. Michelin-starred Burnt Ends on Dempsey Road offers mod-Aussie cuisine, while Flourish Bakehouse on Tanglin Road serves coffee and pastries in a pet-friendly setting. Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro at Hilton Singapore Orchard presents a two-Michelin-star Sichuan restaurant with stunning city views. Corner House on Cluny Road is a one-Michelin-star French-Asian restaurant located in a beautifully conserved black-and-white bungalow.

Surrounding Jervois Prive Singapore are green spaces and convenient amenities. Gallop Extension at Tyersall Avenue features an 8-hectare addition to the Botanic Gardens, offering an adventure grove, hiking ridge, and art gallery. Alexandra Park Connector provides a scenic route for fresh air and natural sights. Huber’s Butchery on Dempsey Road is a family-owned deli and bistro providing premium meats and gourmet products. Little Farms at Valley Point Shopping Centre is a neighborhood grocer known for its fresh produce and in-house cafe and bistro.

The definition of indulgence has experienced a notable transformation, moving away from an era of ostentation and flamboyance. Luxury, in its truest form, now encompasses the exclusive experience of seeking refuge in a home that offers unmatched comfort and intimacy. Amidst a neighborhood brimming with homes that exude visible grandiosity in the prestigious Good Class Bungalow enclave, Jervois Prive Singapore emerges as an exceptional option. This contemporary architectural masterpiece stands as an embodiment of modern luxury, surrounded by a verdant sanctuary that sets it apart from its surroundings.

With an abundance of lush greenery and opulent water features adorning its grounds, Jervois Prive Singapore serves as a complete sanctuary, offering the much-needed space to reconnect with oneself and nurture meaningful relationships. In the midst of the bustling city, it stands as an oasis of respite, offering a serene retreat for those longing for peace from the trappings of the outside world.

Nestled amidst a verdant scenery enveloped by a ring of trees, Jervois Prive Singapore seamlessly merges with its natural surroundings, providing a haven of tranquility and serenity. Upon exiting the ground floor units, you are greeted by an abundance of flourishing shrubbery and flora that evoke the sensation of having your own private garden. The meticulously designed landscape delights the senses, with sunlight filtering through a trellis overflowing with foliage, creating a mesmerizing play of light and warmth.

The Framed Garden, an enchanting sensory haven in daylight, invites you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and find solace in its peaceful embrace. For those seeking to elevate their culinary experiences, the Rooftop Barbeque Pavilion provides a luxurious setting above the city, where you can indulge in grilling delights while relishing the breathtaking panoramic views. The Jacuzzi Meadows offer a secluded oasis for solitary relaxation, where you can unwind in a soothing jacuzzi surrounded by swaying greenery.

And when the sky beckons, the Rooftop Pool Bar invites you to recline and rejuvenate, sipping your favorite drink as you soak in the pool and watch the clouds float by. When evening descends, the 25m Rooftop Lap Pool transforms into a moonlit haven, where you can take a refreshing dip beneath a star-studded sky, immersing yourself in the cool night air.

Jervois Prive Singapore, spanning over a vast land area of 27,100 square feet, is thoughtfully designed as a secure and compact haven, offering intimate spaces of privacy throughout its grounds. The quintessential urban sanctuary, it ensures a serene and exclusive residential experience. Ascend to the roof on the fifth level and discover a world of ultimate indulgence, with facilities designed to provide utmost privacy for your private swim or workout sessions. And when you have company, gather with your loved ones, relishing unobstructed views of the surrounding low-rise estate as you create beautiful memories under the night sky.

Genuine prosperity lies in creating space for what truly matters, valuing quality over quantity. A life of abundance means thoughtfully selecting our surroundings to emphasize what is most important to us, embracing both tangible and intangible aspects, from life experiences to material possessions.

Jervois Prive Singapore provides a bijou home where every element is thoughtfully selected, focusing on the essentials and the finest. The refined interiors radiate elegance and craftsmanship without unnecessary embellishments, allowing the most precious aspects of our lives to become the centerpiece.

The design of Jervois Prive Singapore homes integrates living and dining areas, flooded with natural light through a row of windows, resulting in a spacious and fluid environment for everyday living. In the living area, time flows seamlessly, enhanced by an abundance of light, breathtaking views, and fresh air. The bedroom sets the tone for each day, providing a serene and well-rested sanctuary, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that bring in the world’s beauty into your personal space.

Even the little ones are considered in Jervois Prive Singapore, with contemporary interiors featuring neutral palettes that can adapt to their changing styles and vibrant lives as they grow. The kids’ room becomes a space of play and joy, ensuring they have their own special moments.

Form and functionality harmoniously blend together in Jervois Prive Singapore. Renowned appliance and sanitary brands merge with sleek interiors to create the ideal metropolitan home. The kitchen features lustrous countertops made from sumptuous slabs of Caesarstone vanilla noir quartz, while appliances from the award-winning brand Gaggenau offer both style and functionality. In every bathroom, Duravit’s signature porcelain fittings ensure a rejuvenating and luxurious experience.

Jervois Prive Singapore is designed for impeccable and meticulous tastes. From grandeur to artistry, every aspect has been carefully considered, ranging from luxurious Gessi faucets to environmentally conscious, zero-carbon emission design. It is a place where every detail reflects an unwavering dedication to perfection and an understanding of what truly matters.

Staying true to one’s values and integrity is a virtue that never diminishes, an everlasting and invaluable asset. A residence that remains unwavering in its authenticity becomes a treasured legacy, standing the test of time. Every aspect, from the structural forms to the facade finishings, is thoughtfully designed to ensure longevity, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Jervois Prive Singapore transcends the limitations of space and time, personifying meaning and merit that exude lasting opulence. It upholds a way of life that embraces only genuine and bona fide qualities, encompassing not just our possessions, but also our time and the lives we lead within our homes. By staying true to oneself, Jervois Prive Singapore cultivates an environment where authenticity thrives.

The architecture of Jervois Prive Singapore is poignant and timeless, capable of withstanding the ever-changing tides of trends. It is a modern interpretation of the classic black-and-white bungalows that have graced the locale for centuries. The design tastefully combines old-world charm with contemporary tropical brutalism, employing off-form concrete exteriors that age beautifully against the backdrop of a dynamic urban landscape, ensuring its endurance for generations to come.

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Jervois Prive Singapore Floor Plan pdf
Located on Jervois Road in Tanglin, Jervois Privé sits comfortably on the fringes of various prominent districts – including Orchard, River Valley, Dempsey Hills and Marina Bay. The 5-storey freehold development comprises exclusive 43 residential units of 1 to 4 bedroom living spaces suitable for any family sizes.

Although shrouded in abundant quietude and calm, Jervois Privé remains conveniently connected to the various districts in the city centre via major roads. The nearest Redhill MRT station is a mere 7min walk away. A wealth of lifestyle amenities and everyday conveniences at Tanglin, River Valley and Great World City are also easily accessible by foot.

Around and beyond your sanctuary, you’re privy to an array of establishments and experiences offering curated threads and cultural trails. From cafes by independent artisans to Michelin-starred restaurants above the city, a literal smorgasbord of possibilities awaits at your doorstep. The Jervois Privé estate is in no short of verdant spaces. Ensconce yourself in flora as lush as the air around you, as you make your daily rounds to everyday necessities.

Discover the Jervois Privé 3D Virtual Tour and download Jervois Privé E-Brochure & Floor Plan.

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1 Bedroom + Study : 549sqft
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2 Bedroom : 689sqft
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2 Bedroom + Study : 807sqft
from $2,486,000

3 Bedroom : 1109sqft
from $3,450,000

3 Bedroom + Study : 1389sqft
from $4,363,000

4 Bedroom : 1464sqft
$4,850,000 - Last Unit

✨ A freehold luxury residence in prime District 10 with just 43 exclusive units
✨ Exclusive and low density 5 storey development nestled amidst GCB area and embassies
✨ 1BR Study To 4BR Types (549 sqft -1464 sqft)
✨ Minutes to Tanglin, Orchard and River Valley
✨ Designed by award winning (Four time President's Design Award) architect Yip Yuen Hong
✨ Lush landscaping by Landscape Architect Salad Dressing
✨ Luxurious fittings and appliances including Gessi, Duravit & Gaggenau

*Pricing and availability subject to change anytime without prior notice.

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